Developing appendages to communicate our ideas and values concerning sustainability the presentation from Bastian Hoffman was from great importance. The main question of the Soft System methodology is to understand the way of thinking of the people you want to reach with your ideas. Which is our window to look on reality and which one is there’s? Is there a chance to find a common reality looking through different windows of the same house?

To spread our ideas and views we need a strong communication tool which we found in play. The play is working with the emotions and they put an anchor in our mind. The Play makes it easier to change perspective or to experiment with perspectives and behaviors of ourselves in a group we would never show outside that protected atmosphere of the Game because you find more freedom in the space the Game is opening. Playing I experiment that I am another person.

So the idea is that playing is opening new spaces to learn. Changes of our behavior or new perspectives got an emotional feedback which is establishing the learning effect more than just intellectual understanding.


Playing is not so serious and somebody can find new aspects of his personality. That opens new spaces and new relations which can be used to start thinking about very important topics for sustainability like new traffic concepts in my City, personal consumption or new mobility use.