Lifestyle is one of the most important aspects of people’s behavior. A Lifestyle has to be attractive to be lived. That means that we have to find an attractive sustainable Lifestyle if we want to be successful with our idea of sustainability. Thanks to the Learning Partnership we have the chance not only to look for a national sustainable Lifestyle. Our expedition is to find a European one getting to know the north of Europe with the Norwegian and Finnish Culture, passing through the center looking to Germany and Austria and coming to the south in Italy and Portugal.

In Norway we focused specific on that Topic considering that the Norwegian Partner is an expert for that. Lifestyle is changing with generations. That shows the importance of starting soon establishing a sustainable lifestyle. In the example of Norway people from the countryside came together supported by the local government to discuss a perspective for their rural area. The advantage was that the young people are leaving more and more the countryside. With innovative concepts a new lifestyle was searched which allowed the people staying in the place giving them what they need which mostly is work, social and cultural opportunities. The outcome was a lifestyle which brings fun and tastes good. It was developed over years forcing local structures trough more community cooperation. A local tourism was established as well as local food production and commercialization by the people themselves founding cooperatives.

What we learned on that is that changing Lifestyle is possible if it is coming from the people themselves.

The lifestyle of local communities has a great influence on the handling and use of global resources. Because of the globalization often traditional local adapted lifestyles were lost. The behaviour of consumption changed. Through globalcompetition jobs get lost or change. Our Norwegian Partner is giving a modern answer forcing the local communities and giving them a perspective to stay. Sustainability plays an important role in that and it is part of the game.