In the Eco Navigation learning process the first Chapter Ethic was presented by the Portuguese Partner. Miguel Oliveira Panao presented his idea, how an ethical basis for a sustainable living can look like. His paper you can download on our Homepage

When we try to find recommendations for people’s behavior, the questions raises on which ethical fundamentals we recommend other how to behave?

Which Legitimation we have as scientists or people working in the education sector based on our experiences telling other people what to do or what they have to change in there way of thinking?

With recommendations we establish a value based construction of a section of reality which we want to spread to be used.

Two examples of the attitude we want to establish taken from the paper of Miguel Oliveira Panao:

We want to formulate our recommendations the way, that they express our ethical aproach. That means we give our recommendations free to lose them in the discussion and get them back in a new way based on the relationship established. (see ethical foundation).


Respect in Front of the Thinking and Personality of the other. Looking for the things in common instead of looking for the things that separates us. (See paper Ethics -the third included- and the consensus method in the Tool Kit)

Conclusion: We need different languages if we want to speard our ideas out of the known and common target groups. We need to be sensible for different approaches to work on common Topics and the way how to communicate results and outcoming ideas. Communication and language need to be focused to spread the outcoming ideas in a common way.