Our Methods

Our Methods concerning sustainability


Working for such a long time with so different aspects of sustainability we experimented a verity of Methods which helped us to come closer to our aim of a sustainable behavior especially being on the way with so different people and their different competences and cultures. From all the methods we discovered and experimented we just want to present you 3 of them.

First one is the Softs System Methodology we meet in Austria presented by Bastian Hoffmann from the Norwegian Partner. He introduced us in the way how people realize the reality around them. Of course for all of us reality is individual and unique. If we want to work together and come to results, we have to find a common “window” to discover the “common reality”.

Also in Austria Alois Hechenberger presented the richness of playing together. Playing is much more than spending some time together and not only for children. We experimented some games out of his book “Neue Spiele für die Gruppe”. The book presents games coming out of the New Games Philosophy.

A very important aspect of Eco Navigation was the question how we can come to decisions with the entire group involved. Eva von Falkenstein presented us the Consensus Methodology. It was a very helpful tool especially in the intercultural context!

Finally we present the Eco City Role play game. It was developed by the Portuguese Partner Movimento Juventude Nova and invites the players to discover solutions for our “Eco City” having the role of the municipality. All the aspects of sustainability have to be discussed and defended in front of the general needs of a City.

We invite you to try the Methods. Therefor the presenters and developers prepared a paper for all the Methods. You can download them here.