Our Idea of Sustainability

Eco-Navigation in a nutshell

Even though there is an urgent ecological need, summits on a global scale fail to realise immediate and effective top-down actions. At the same time there are reams of best-practice-examples for bottom-up sustainable development.

The objectives are, linking knowledge and action, science and ethics in order to facilitate an eco-self-management, applicable on an everyday basis. Scientific methodologies, e.g. LCA, environmental and carbon footprint, deliver the significant areas of life and especially consumption. Hence, self-efficacy and motivation are boosted.

A participatory approach of a deliberately chosen interdisciplinary team went out to find a European answer to questions concerning sustainability. The basis: 5 captures as a basis to come closer to a sustainable behaviour. These are Ethics, Training, Lifestyle, Self-efficacy and Social context as the frame for the ethical, scientifical and pedagogical fundamentals. Visiting, analysing and summarizing best-practice examples speeds up the process. Additionally, learning from corporate environmental management and translating it to the individual level, completes the methodologies used.

Objetives & Strategy

  • Workshops & best-practice experiences in all six partner countries
  • Linking ethics & science, e.g. environmental footprint to everyday lifestyle
  • Bridging interdisciplinary challenges

Foster self-efficacy & boost motivation resulting in eco-efficiency & eco-effectiveness

The European network

Starkmacher e.V. and Caritasverband Mainz e.V., Germany

Teamtime Trainings, Austria

METLA, Finland

Polo Lionello Bonfanti and Roberto Tassano, Italy

Fylkesmannen I Hordaland, Norway

Movimento Juventude Nova, Portugal