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The group "Preset" in the Mariapolis Lia - Buenos Aires (Arg)
The group "Preset" in the Mariapolis Lia - Buenos Aires (Arg)

Youth unemployment is an acute problem both in developed and developing countries and constitutes the predominant reason for social exclusion and poverty. Moreover, climate change and environmental degradation pose additional pressure especially on the future generation. For tackling these global developments, all societies are challenged to better exploit the huge potential offered by the younger generations in order to attain sustainable and inclusive growth. In this respect, the overall objective of the action is to alleviate youth unemployment and marginalization of youth with fewer opportunities in Europe and Latin America by fostering cooperation and exchange of good practice for promoting economically and environmentally sustainable youth entrepreneurship.


The project will be implemented by 7 youth and civil society organisations from EU (DE, IT, HR, SI) and LA (BR, AR, BO) which mainly work at grass roots level with disadvantaged youth.

The Brasialian group in Mariapolis Lia - Buenos Aires (Arg)
The Brasialian group in Mariapolis Lia - Buenos Aires (Arg)

In addition, transnational collaboration and mobility will foster scaling up of good practice and innovation at both the national and international levels ensuring a real impact of interventions. In the middle term, the number of sustainable youth enterprises and opportunities for self-employment is expected to rise among the globe making a positive contribution to socio-economic development and inclusive growth.


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Eco-Navigation as a learning partnership was funded with support of the Lifelong Learning Grundtvig program from the European Commission.

  PRESET has been funded with support of the Erasmus+ programme from the European Commission


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